C3 Popular Files

These are the most requested development related files.

Most Requested Development Related Files

C3 Sizing Calculator-Volume

C3 Sizing Calculator- Combination Volume and Flo

Local Agency Stormwater Contacts

Model Maintenance Agreement

O & M Inspectors Form

O&M Plan Templates (Word)

Alternate Sizing for Non-Regulated Street Projects

Managing Stormwater in Landscaping fact sheet (online viewing) (print and fold)

Pervious Paving fact sheet (online viewing) (print and fold)

Rain Barrels and Cisterns fact sheet (online viewing) (print and fold)

Rain Gardens fact sheet (online viewing) (print and fold)

Hydromodification Resources

Hydromodification Susceptibility Map

Bay Area Hydrology Model (link) – Current (2023) version of the BAHM

Bay Area Hydrology Model (BAHM2023) User Manual

Biotreatment Soils

Biotreatment Soil Providers

Soil Provider Certification

Soil Mix Verification Checklist

Biotreatment Soil Specifications

Irrigation Resources

Drip Irrigation Guidelines – by East Bay Municipal Utility District (includes scheduling chart)

Smart Irrigation Technologies – by Irrigation Association (includes info on auto-adjusting controllers)

Green Infrastructure (GI) Example Typical Details

GI Example Typical Details – all details (combined PDF file) (Zip file of all CAD files)

GI 1 Designer Notes (PDF file) (CAD file)

GI 2.A Plan View Roadside Planter (PDF file) (CAD file)

GI 2.B Plan View Roadside Bulbout (PDF file) (CAD file)

GI 2.C Plan View Bioretention Median (PDF file) (CAD file)

GI 3.A Cross Section Sloped Edge (PDF file) (CAD file)

GI 3.B Cross Section Vertical Edge (PDF file) (CAD file)

GI 4 Outlet Detail (PDF file) (CAD file)

GI 5 Edge Treatment Details (PDF file) (CAD file)

GI 6.A Modified Gutter Curb Cut Detail (PDFfile) (CAD file)

GI 6.B Trench Drain Curb Cut Detail (PDF file) (CAD file)

GI 6.C Bulb Out Curb Cut Detail (PDF file) (CAD file)

GI 7 Check Dam Detail (PDF file) (CAD file)

GI 8 Bike Lane Detail (PDF file) (CAD file)

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