Pet Waste Pollution Research and Outreach

Grantee: EarthTeam, in collaboration with Skyline High School and Friends of Sausal Creek
Project completed 2018
Clean Water Program grant: $5,000
*does not include matching funds and volunteer labor

EarthTeam’s mission is to empower teens to become lifelong environmental stewards through experiential education, skills development and the building of community connections.

Their 2018 grant project focused on pet waste and its detrimental effect on water quality. Partnering with Friends of Sausal Creek in fall of 2017, students from Skyline High School performed creek water tests at multiple sites in and around Dimond Park in Oakland to assess creek health. Results were summarized in a research poster. The students also developed and ran a survey to gauge park users’ knowledge of and opinion about the effects of pet waste on local water quality.

To raise awareness and motivate dog owners to pick up after their pets, the students created a brochure and temporary signage explaining the ecosystem present in Dimond Park, threats to water quality including both pet waste and other factors, and the consequences of poor water quality on human health. In-person outreach and a community event during winter 2018 supported the efforts. When the students repeated their survey in February 2018, results showed improved knowledge and increased concern for water quality and biodiversity among park visitors.

More grant funding for projects like this is available! Learn more.

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