Film: “Doing Our Part to Clean up San Francisco Bay”

Grantee: Golden Gate Audubon (GGA)
Project completed 2017
Clean Water Program grant: $5,000

Land-based litter threatens local wildlife by accidental ingestion, entanglement and suffocation. One of the most effective ways to inspire and motivate effective ecological stewardship by local youth, is to communicate that wildlife depends on safe, clean, healthy watersheds. Golden Gate Audubon (GGA) used their Clean Water Program grant to produce a 17-minute film made with and for youth of diverse backgrounds.

Doing Our Part to Clean up San Francisco Bay follows East Bay resident Jeremiah Mellor and his friends as they explore the beauty of the San Francisco Bay and its wild inhabitants, and learn what they can do to help clean up the Bay and stop threats from marine trash. Working with local filmmaker and wildlife conservation volunteer Nancy Brink, GGA gathered footage and shot on location at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Shoreline in Oakland with local school

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