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Commercial and industrial facilities, and construction sites are inspected regularly by the Clean Water Program’s member agencies. Their inspectors ensure that proper management practices and operational procedures are used to prevent pollution from entering the storm drain system and harming our local waterways.

The Clean Water Program’s outreach campaigns help people understand the importance of clean and healthy waterways, and what role each of us plays in protecting local creeks, wetlands and the Bay during everyday activities. We offer advice and easy-to-read publications on topics like car care, non-toxic gardening, litter prevention and more—visit the residents section to learn more! You can find the Program’s interactive booths and displays at community events throughout Alameda County, including farmers markets, street fairs, Earth Day events and other public gatherings. The Program’s engaging exhibit has become a regular highlight at the annual Alameda County Fair. To stay up to date on Clean Water Program news and activities, sign up for our e-newsletter and follow us on social media!

The Program also reaches out to Alameda County’s business community to help business owners and managers understand water pollution prevention regulations that affect them, and adopt best practices to stay in compliance. Visit the website’s business section for the most up-to- date information and download best practices guides and other helpful publications in the Resources section.

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