Application for Permit Reissuance

Documents to come.

Report of Waste Discharge submittal letter

Application for Permit Reissuance (Form 200)

Attachments for Section VI:

  • Characterization of Discharge: Integrated Monitoring Report 2014 through 2019
  • Treatment Processes
  • Best Management Practices
    • Industrial and Commercial Facilities
    • Mobile Businesses
    • Municipal Operation Integrated Pest Management
    • Residential Integrated Pest Management 
    • Map of Area Treated Through Green Infrastructure, Full Trash Capture, and other Treatment Types
  • Map of stormwater facilities

Attachments for Section VII:

  • Memorandum of Agreement among ACCWP Member Agency Permittees
  • ACCWP Fiscal Year 2018/19 Annual Report
  • Status of Permittee Trash Reductions (this would be the table)
  • Summary of Reasonable Assurance Analysis Status


Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Reports

Yard and Garden Best Practices