Happy Earth Month 2022

April 22 of this year is the 52nd Anniversary of Earth Day, and we're celebrating all month long! There are many ways we can protect our creeks, wetlands and the Bay, right from our homes and gardens. We invite you, your friends and your family to explore our fun activities for all ages, on Earth Day and beyond!

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In-Person Events

Cleanups, Restoration Events & Celebrations

Litter Cleanup Oakland

Protecting creeks starts at your door! Trash travels from our neighborhoods through storm drains and into local creeks and the Bay. Join a litter cleanup, restoration event or Earth Day celebration near you! We have compiled a list of activities in Alameda County throughout the month of April.

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"Bringing Back the Natives" Garden Tour

Sponsored by the Clean Water Program this year, the Tour features over 50 native plant gardens in the East Bay that are beautiful, water-conserving and thrive without pesticides while attracting birds, bees, and butterflies. These lovely gardens also display a sense of place that is uniquely Californian. The 2022 Tour takes place over 4 days - two online and two in person.


Online Tour
Sat April 16 & Sun April 17


In-person Tour
Sat April 30 & Sun May 1

Free registration, schedules and details at www.bringingbackthenatives.net.


Stay-at-Home Earth Month Activities

Note: Most of the resources below are in PDF format that can be used on-screen or downloaded and printed

Fred & Izzy’s Activity Books

Activity Book Grade 4-6 Grade 4 6 activitybook thumbDownload the activity book for Grades K-3 and/or Grades 4-6. Both are chock full of games, quizzes and riddles on water pollution, what storm drains do and more! Activities can be done independently by children, and then discussed as a family. 



Coloring with Fred & Izzy

Fred Izzy ColorPage thumbColor and decorate this drawing our lovable Frog and Egret characters, Fred & Izzy. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a photo of your completed design!






 Fred’s Frog-tastic Activity Pack

Frog-tastic activity kitDownload Fred’s Frog-tastic Activity Pack and and learn about local frog species, make an origami jumping frog, and play our quiz game “Fact or Frog Tale.” 






 BEE At Home Activity Kit

green-streets-green-roofDownload the Bee-At-Home Activity Kit and stage your own “Spelling BEE”, play the “BEE-lieve it or Not” quiz game or “BEE-dazzle” a flowerpot—all fun ways of appreciating what bees do for us! 






 Fred & Izzy Film Fest

Fred and Izzy videos
Check out all three Fred & Izzy videos, as well as other content on our YouTube Channel.





For Adults

During stay-at-home orders, working our yards and gardens can bring much needed outdoor enjoyment! No matter if you’re tending to vegetables, flowers or house plants, using alternatives to pesticides protects not only kids and pets but also our waterways.

Make Your Own, Non-Toxic Pest Control

spray bottle photoIngredients like soap and baking soda that can be found in most households can help combat common pests like aphids, mites and scale. Download this Recipe Card and Spray Bottle Label start mixing your own, safe pest remedies!


“Pests Bugging You?” Pocket Guide

green streets permeable newBefore you reach for harmful weed killer or bug spray, consult this handy Pocket Guide listing commercially available products that are less-toxic options for pest control. Many can be found at stores participating in the Our Water Our World Program. Visit www.ourwaterourworld.org for locations and more information.