C3 Guidance Table

For a complete copy of the C3 Technical Guidance Manual

(2017 version [errata added May 2019]: 15 MB).

For a summary of the Revisions in the 2017 Version

(Summary of Revisions [with May 2019 errata]).


See table below to download specific sections of the Manual.

Chapter/ Appendix Title Format File Size Last Updated
  Cover/Errata/Contents/Glossary PDF 451 KB May-19
Chapter 1 Introduction/How to Use this Handbookntroduction/How to Use this Handbook PDF 350 KB Oct-17
Chapter 2 Background/Regulatory Requirements PDF 635 KB Oct-17
Chapter 3 Preparing Permit Application Submittals PDF 705 KB Jan-19
Chapter 4 Site Design Measures
PDF 549 KB Apr-18
Chapter 5 General Technical Guidance for Treatment Measures PDF 1.03 MB Jan-19
Chapter 6 Technical Guidance for Specific Treatment Measures PDF 3.53 MB Oct-17
Chapter 7 Hydromodification Management Measures PDF 635 KB Jan-19
Chapter 8 Operation and Maintenance PDF 545 KB Oct-17
Chapter 9 Alternative Compliance PDF 30 KB Oct-17
  References PDF 18 KB Oct-17
Appendix A Local Requirements PDF 14 KB Oct-17
Appendix B Plant List and Planting Guidance PDF 391 KB Oct-17
Appendix C Example Scenarios PDF 199 KB Oct-17
  Worksheet: Volume-Based Sizing Excel 1 MB Feb-14
  Worksheet: Combo Flow/Volume Sizing Excel 1 MB Feb-14
Appendix D Mean Annual Precipitation Map PDF 335 KB Oct-17
Appendix E Non-LID Treatment Measures PDF 94 KB Oct-17
Appendix F Infiltration Guidelines PDF 967 KB Oct-17
Appendix G Mosquito Control PDF 60 KB Oct-17
Appendix H Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Document Templates (Intro)  PDF  30 KB Oct-17
  O&M Standard Property Owner Report Word 46 KB Dec-11
  How to Use Maintenance Plan Templates PDF 25 KB Oct-17
  6.1: Bioretention Area Maintenance Plan Template Word 72 KB Oct-17
6.2: Flow-through Planter Maintenance Plan Template Word 71 KB Oct-17
6.3: Tree Well Filter Maintenance Plan Template Word 66 KB Oct-17
6.4: Infiltration Trench Maintenance Plan Template Word 57 KB Oct-17
6.5: Extended Detention Basin Maintenance Plan Template Word 81 KB Oct-17
6.6: Pervious Paving Maintenance Plan Template Word 63 KB Oct-17
6.10: Media Filter Maintenance Plan Template Word 51 KB Oct-17
Appendix I Hydromodification Management Susceptibility Map PDF 1.8 MB May-19
Appendix J Special Projects PDF 169 KB Oct-17
  Special Projects Narrative Template Word 21 KB Oct-17
Appendix K Soil Specifications (Introduction, Specification, and Water Board Letter)
PDF 169 KB Oct-17
  Biotreatment Soil Mix Specification Verification Checklist Form PDF (fillable) 307 KB Apr-18
  Biotreatment Soil Mix Supplier List PDF 372 KB Oct-17
  Biotreatment Soil Mix Supplier Certification Statement Form Word 26 KB Dec-15
  Bioretention Installation Guidance  PDF 46 KB Nov-10
Appendix L Site Design Requirements for Small Projects PDF 45 KB Oct-17
Appendix M Green Streets PDF 2.6 MB Oct-17
Appendix N Rainwater Harvesting and Use PDF 588 KB Oct-17