Stormwater runoff is part of a natural hydrologic process. However, land development and construction activities can significantly alter natural drainage patterns, resulting in polluted stormwater runoff.

All construction projects are required to protect the site from erosion, sediment loss and other potential sources of water pollution resulting from construction, by incorporating construction controls using Best Management Practices (BMPs), detailed in the documents linked below.


State Construction Permit

Projects disturbing one acre or more of surface, or less than an acre but part of a larger plan of development or sale, are required to file for a permit with the State of California. "Disturb" refers to grading, clearing (removal of vegetation), excavation, stockpiling, storage of machinery, and/or replacement of paved or impervious areas.

Read the permit fact sheet or see all provisions.

BMP Fact Sheets (CASQA) - 2009

Updated version of the BMP fact sheets are available at the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) website for a fee.
C6 CASQA BMPs Erosion Control
C6 CASQA BMPs Nonstormwater Erosion Control
C6 CASQA BMPs Sediment Control
C6 CASQA BMP Slope Stabilization Guidance
C6 CASQA BMPs Tracking Control
C6 CASQA BMPs Materials and Waste Management
C6 CASQA BMP Wind Erosion Control

Other Construction Guidance Documents

C.6 Inspection Tracking Template (formulas_corrected_07-25-2019)
Heavy Equipment Yards BMPs (Poster )
Construction Site Inspection Form (Word file)
Construction Site Inspection Form (PDF fillable form)