Less-Toxic Pest Control: Free Webinar on Oct 22

Fight Home & Garden Pests the Natural Way

During the fall season, our homes and gardens seem especially prone to pests like ants, rats and mice. But don’t reach for pesticides yet! Learn what you can do to prevent pests or get rid of them with less-toxic methods that keep your family safe.

Join our free webinar
on Thursday, October 22, 4-5:30PM!

We will cover:

  • What attracts ants, rats, mice and other pests
  • Home maintenance and garden tips to prevent pests
  • Less-toxic pest control products and methods
  • Answers to your questions!

This webinar will be presented by Suzanne Bontempo, a certified Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Advocate, in association with Our Water Our World.

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