Free Organic Gardening Webinar on June 25

Fight Garden Pests & Diseases the Natural Way

Aphids invading your vegetable garden? Powdery mildew ruining your roses? Before you reach for pesticides, learn about ways to grow your dream garden without chemicals! You’ll keep not only kids and pets safe, but also pollinators and other beneficial insects that help protect your garden in the long run.

Join our free webinar on Thursday, June 25, 4-5PM!

We will cover:

  • Simple practices to make your garden healthier and more resilient
  • How to support pollinators and beneficial insects that fight pests for you
  • Non-toxic ways to get rid of common garden pests and diseases
  • Your questions!

This webinar will be presented by Suzanne Bontempo, a certified Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Advocate, in association with Our Water Our World.


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