15 April 2015

Interactive Photo Mosaic Lets Alameda County Residents Show They LuvTheBay

Pledge to Keep Litter Off Streets, Creeks and the Bay at www.LuvTheBay.org

April 16, 2015

Jim Scanlin, Tel. (510) 670-6548

Alameda County, CA— A photo mosaic project launches today with the goal of encouraging people in Alameda County to pledge to eliminate littering. Litter leads to water pollution, even when found in communities located far from the Bay. Clean Water Program Alameda County’s LuvTheBay Mosaic project asks residents to submit a photo of themselves as a pledge to LuvTheBay at www.LuvTheBay.org. On the site, people will be able to search the mosaic and share and vote for their favorite photos.


The finished mural will be printed and displayed around Alameda County in late 2015. The image for the mural was created by Berkeley-based artist Christopher Peterson.

“California’s drought has heightened public awareness of the importance of water,”
noted Clean Water Program Manager Jim Scanlin. “We felt it was a good time to encourage folks to keep the water we do have clean and litter-free.” The LuvTheBay Mosaic will visually demonstrate the public’s commitment to keeping their neighborhoods, creeks, and the Bay free of litter. Each person submitting a photo to the LuvtheBay Mosaic pledges to always use recycling or garbage cans.

Litter is a big problem for Alameda County waterways. Commonly littered items, such as fast-food packaging, plastic wrappers and cigarette butts, degrade slowly, are toxic to wildlife and harm water quality. Alameda County jurisdictions spend approximately $24 million every year on litter and storm drain cleanup. Litter also reduces quality of life and attracts more litter if left on streets and sidewalks.

How to Submit to the #LuvtheBay Mosaic

To submit a photo to the LuvTheBay mosaic, visit www.LuvTheBay.org or post a photo to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #LuvTheBay. The submission period runs through September 30, 2015 – after local Coastal Clean Up Day events conclude.

luvthebayThe interactive photo mosaic #LuvTheBay lets citizens pledge to eliminate litter by uploading a photo of themselves.